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When Will My Case Be Over?

Father’s rights cases vary in length from 1 to 3 months to over a year. We focus on a four-quarter system in which we:

1. Attain temporary court orders for custody, visitation, and support rights during the duration of the case
2. Attempt to settle the case in a friendly, fair manner
3. Take the case through court-assisted settlement procedures
4. Take the case to final trial

During the settlement phase, we also develop a parenting plan oversight program to improve your custody and visitation, reduce the support you pay, and increase the amount of time you spend with your kids. Our goal at Father’s Rights Law Center is to help you find balance and finality to foster a loving relationship with your family.

Attorney Peter Mueller, discusses the divorce process. The Father's Rights Law Center® has been limiting its legal representation to husbands and fathers in dissolution and custody proceedings for the past twelve years. Father's Rights Law Center® was founded in 1984 by Attorney Peter J.

Peter Mueller