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What About Support?

Child support is mandated by the U.S. Congress, giving each state the chance to develop its own guidelines and standards. California has some of the highest guidelines in the country and is distinctly time share sensitive, meaning the supporting parents pays less based on the amount of time he or she spends with the children. Through income and expense declarations, we can help fathers balance the time they spend with their children while reducing the amount of support they need to pay.

Using vocational assessment, we can determine if your child’s mother is fit to work, which would affect her income and thus the amount of spousal and child support you would be required to pay. Support is also affected by the length of your marriage. You must pay support after a long marriage – a marriage lasting 10 or more years – for an indefinite period of time. Father’s Rights Law Center can help you reduce the amount of support you need to pay while encouraging a more hopeful, loving relationship with your children.

Attorney Peter Mueller of San Diego, CA discusses divorce and child support. The Father's Rights Law Center® has been limiting its legal representation to husbands and fathers in dissolution and custody proceedings for the past twelve years. Father's Rights Law Center® was founded in 1984 by Attorney Peter J.

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